Tuesday, December 25, 2012


O sweetest Baby Jesus
How cold you were that night.
No Santa Claus came near You
No candles gave you light.
If I were there My Jesus,
I'd put You in my bed,
And wrap You warm dear Jesus,
And cover up Your Head.
And when You woke dear Jesus,
I'd share my toys with You.
And when the tree was lighted
You'd clap you hands and coo.

But mamma told me, Jesus
You did not come to play;
For God the Father sent You
To take our sins away.
And You were our real Santa
Who gave us more than toys;
For gates of Heaven You opened
To everlasting joys.
I'll always love you, Jesus,
And Mary Mother too,
And, Oh, I hope in heaven
She'll let me play with You.

(Messenger of the Most Precious Blood)

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